Android Mobile Phones under Rs. 10000 in India Complete Price List

Author : prince , Published On :16th, Jan 2012

Android phones have found a special place in people’s mind all over the world. This is because of the resourcefulness of the Android OS, the versatility and easy access to Android market replete with useful Apps and also because of the ease with which internet can be accessed through the phone. Another important reason for the popularity of Android phones is the sheer number of good phones available in the low price ranges. Rs. 10000/- is one price point where a vast number of mobile phone users set their price target. Here we have provided the complete list of Android Mobile Phones available under Rs. 10000/- in India. The phones in this price range listed here will definitely change over time because of price fluctuations but still one can find the full range of phones at Android Mobiles Under 10000 - UPDTAE. Please scroll down to see the full list of Phones.

Price is not the sole criterion for selecting a good phone. For example, Spice Mi-280. is a very good phone at the lower end of the price ladder within that price range. Please click on the link (name of the phone) to get full specifications and complete price list of each phone. HTC Wildfire - Rs. 9990/- Motorola CHARM - Rs. 9700/- Huawei IDEOS X3 - Rs. 9514/- Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini pro - Rs. 9400/- LG Optimus Net - Rs. 9309/- LG P500 Optimus One - Rs. 8945/- Huawei Sonic - Rs. 8904/- Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 - Rs. 8929/- Motorola MOTO XT316 - Rs. 8865/- Sony Ericsson W8 - Rs. 8790/- Motorola FlipOut - Rs. 8763/- Spice Mi350 - Rs. 8625/- Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 - Rs. 8500/- LG Optimus Pro C660 - Rs. 8499/- Micromax A75 – Android Dual SIM Phone - Rs. 8495/- Samsung Galaxy Pro - Rs. 8495/- Acer beTouch E210 - Rs. 8390/- Motorola Fire - Rs. 8200/- Samsung Galaxy 5 i5503 - Rs. 8106/- Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini - Rs. 7990/- Dell XCD35 - Rs. 7990/- Samsung Galaxy Pop - Rs. 7713/- Spice Mi-350n - Rs. 7595/- LG GT540 Optimus - Rs. 7500/- Samsung Galaxy Y Color Plus - Rs. 7490/- Spice Mi-310 - Rs. 6590/- LG Optimus Me P350 - Rs. 6411/- Micromax A70 - Rs. 5999/- Micromax Bling 2 A55 - Rs. 5175/- Spice Mi 280 – Android Dual SIM Phone - Rs. 5123/- Dell XCD28 - Rs. 4999/- Karbonn A1 - Rs. 4545/- Micromax Andro A60 - Rs. 3990/-