Best and Popular Nokia mobile Phones Under Rs. 5000 in India

Author : Mathew , Published On :10th, Sep 2011

Here we have listed some of the best Nokia mobile phones under Rs. 5000/- in India. Nokia has some fire left in its arsenal and is doing everything it can to regain the market leadership in economy mobile phones. Please find complete list of Nokia Mobiles under Rs. 5000/- with full specifications and up-to-date price at Nokia Mobile Phones under Rs. 5000/-. Please click on individual phones to find the complete details. With the recent introduction of dual SIM Mobiles Nokia C2-06 (Rs. 4807/-) and Nokia C2-03 (Rs. 4422/-), Nokia has filled its repertoire with some fire power and the move has really clicked. C2-06 and C2-03 are two of the much sought after phones in India right now. There are other popular phones also in this list like Nokia X2 (with 5MP camera, Rs. 4275/-), Nokia C2-02 (Rs. 3799/-), Nokia C2-01 (Rs. 3532/-), Nokia X2-01 (Attractive looks plus full QWERTY, but less talk time, Rs. 3390/-) and some phones below Rs. 2000/- like Nokia C1-01 (Rs. 1971/-) and Nokia X1-01 (Rs. 1738/-). We are the leading mobile price comparison site in India. Always check to find the best price before you buy any mobile phone in India.