Latest List of Android Mobiles Under Rs. 10000 in India

Author : Arul Prasath , Published On :18th, Jul 2011

Since we listed Android Mobiles under Rs. 10000/- in India in May, 2011, lot have changed for Android Mobile phones in India. There are few new entrants which are very attractively priced in the list. One noteworthy phone which is near the cut-off, but should be there in the list is HTC Wildfire, which is at present priced at Rs. 10899/-. We hope HTC will bring down the price. On the other hand, Samsung has brought down the prices of Galaxy Pro, and Galaxy 551, , both of which are our favourites in this list, together with Galaxy Fit. Other phones which are worth mentioning are LG Optimus One, Motorola FlipOut, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini pro, Micromax Bling 2 A55, Dell XCD35, LG Optimus Me, Micromax Andro A60, Samsung Galaxy Pop and Motorola CHARM. A new entrant in this list is Dell Aero, a phone with Android OS, v1.5 and 3G data transfer at HSDPA 3.6 Mbps looks archaic in front of some other worthy phones in this list. We add Dell Aero for the sake of adding and please ignore it. Another new phone in the list is Sony Ericsson W8, but it would have been better if Sony Ericsson have provided at least Android OS 2.2 along with it, instead of Android OS v2.1. We have listed all the Android mobile phones below Rs. 10000/- in India with full specifications and latest price at Android Mobiles Under Rs. 10000/- in India. Contd. ...

List of Android Mobile Phones below Rs. 10000/- in India ***Please visit Android Mobiles Below Rs. 10000/- in India. for full details. 1. Motorola Quench XT3 - Rs.11429/- 2. Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica - Rs.11349/- 3. HTC Wildfire - Rs.10599/- 4. Videocon Zeus V7500 - Rs.10499/- 5. Sony Ericsson W8 - Rs.10199/- 6. Dell Aero - Rs.9999/- 7. Motorola Quench XT5 ( Zeppelin Lite) - Rs.9999/- 8. Acer beTouch E130 - Rs.9999/- 9. Dell XCD35 - Rs.9899/- 10. LG P500 Optimus One - Rs.9790/- 11. Motorola FlipOut - Rs.9499/- 12. Samsung Galaxy Fit - Rs.9329/- 13. Samsung Galaxy 551 - Rs.9179/- 14. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini pro - Rs.8999/- 15. Samsung Galaxy Pro - Rs.8690/- 16. Motorola CHARM - Rs.8499/- 17. Aircel Android IDEOS - Rs.8499/- 18. Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 - Rs.8449/- 19. Micromax Bling 2 A55 - Rs.8290/- 20. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 - Rs.7999/- 21. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Mini - Rs.7999/- 22. Huawei U8500 - Rs.7990/- 23. Samsung Galaxy Pop - Rs.7858/- 24. Olive Fluid VW1 - Rs.7650/- 25. Samsung Galaxy Apollo I5801 - Rs.7499/- 26. Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 - Rs.7499/- 27. LG Optimus Me P350 - Rs.7490/- 28. Huawei U8300 - Rs.7490/- 29. Spice Mi-310 - Rs.7328/- 30. LG GT540 Optimus - Rs.7280/- 31. Huawei IDEOS U8150 - Rs.7000/- 32. Acer beTouch E110 - Rs.6400/- 33. Dell XCD28 - Rs.5990/- 34. Spice Mi-270 - Rs.5649/- 35. Micromax Andro A60 - Rs.5288/-