Truth About Mobile Phone Prices in India

Author : prince , Published On :13th, Jan 2012

Last Sunday, the Chennai Edition of Times of India had its front page covered with full page advertisement of a prominent mobile phone dealer from Tamil Nadu. The page looked very colourful and attractive with nice pictures of mobile phones and Tablets spread all over. In fact, the list spread over to the next page also. But what caught my attention, was the displayed prices of all the mobile phones. For some phones, it was 50% off, some other displayed huge discounts varying from 60% - 20% and so on. Seeing this, I opened our site and compared the prices. To my surprise, those mobiles and tablets showing 50% discount and more were priced much lesser at the online shops we listed in the site. Now, this is a serious point to ponder upon.

The Brick & Wall shops have to incur lot more expenses in the form of rent, salary, advertisement and in so many other forms. On the contrary, online shops spend less on maintenance and thus are able to sell phones at a lesser price point. Take for example Galaxy S2 Price. There is nearly Rs. 3000/- price difference between our lowest price from the list and from some of the traditional shops. If we consider Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, the price difference in even higher. Now, you and I are prone to this kind of luring by mobile phone sellers. If we see a huge 50% off for the mobile we want to buy, there is a chance that we will fall for it. But think twice and check the price at, the most dependable mobile phone price comparison site in India. With wide spread coverage of Cash on Delivery facility offered by most of the online shops, internet shopping has become safer also.