Best Selling Smart Phones

Best selling smart phones from all brands are listed here. There are 1310 best selling phones are available in different price ranges , under Rs.5000, Under Rs.10000, Under Rs.15000, Under Rs.20000, Under Rs.25000 and above Rs.25000.

Best Selling Popular Phones Under Rs.5000

Intex Candy - Rs.849
Zync X208 - Rs.1085
Forme W350 - Rs.1099
Intex Leo - Rs.1199
Intex Jazz - Rs.1236
Micromax X601 - Rs.1245
Lava ARC 12 - Rs.1279
Lava ARC 22 - Rs.1279
Nokia 105 - Rs.1299
Karbonn K15 - Rs.1324
Spice M 5364 - Rs.1450
Micromax X084 - Rs.1700
Nokia 130 - Rs.1700
Lava KKT 34i - Rs.1818
Karbonn A108 - Rs.1945
Panasonic T35 - Rs.1998
Nokia 215 - Rs.1999
Gionee L800 - Rs.2099
Intex Aqua R3 - Rs.2099
Intex Aqua V2 - Rs.2199
Intex Boom 2 - Rs.2200
Intex Aqua V4 - Rs.2299
BQ S38 - Rs.2299
Sansui E31 - Rs.2310
Karbonn A109 - Rs.2499
Idea ID 1000 - Rs.2600
Intex Aqua V5 - Rs.2690
Philips S309 - Rs.2699
Karbonn A307 - Rs.2799
Lava A52 - Rs.2887
Lava Flair P1 - Rs.2898
Gionee S96 - Rs.2900
Intex Aqua V3 - Rs.2990
Panasonic T30 - Rs.2990
Lenovo A269i - Rs.2999
Panasonic T9 - Rs.2999
Intex Aqua Q7 - Rs.2999
BQ S39 - Rs.2999
Lava A48 8GB - Rs.2999
Idea Id 4000 - Rs.3120
Lava A48 - Rs.3149
Karbonn A3 - Rs.3192
Lava Iris 444 - Rs.3199
Panasonic T44 - Rs.3199
Lava A59 - Rs.3245
Intex Aqua N7 - Rs.3333
Lava Flair P3 - Rs.3333
Vivo Y11 - Rs.3375
Lenovo A1000 - Rs.3412
Lava A51 - Rs.3465

Best Selling Popular Phones Under Rs.10000

Best Selling Popular Phones Under Rs.15000

Best Selling Popular Phones Under Rs.20000

Best Selling Popular Phones Under Rs.25000

Best Selling Popular Phones Above Rs.25000

Best selling smart phones are considered based on top reviews, ratings and most popular selling in India. Under Rs.5000 Segment basic smart phones with limited features such as 512MB RAM, 4 inch screen with less battery backup and lower camera quality, these type of basic phones with android os are manufactured by Micromax, Intex, Karbonn, Lava, Xolo, Panasonic and philips. Mostly popular phones with good quality and features are stays between Rs.8000 to Rs.15000 price segment. These segement phones are manufactured by big players includes Samsung, Sony, HTC, Nokia, Xiaomi and Lenovo. Even micromax, karbonn, lava, xolo also manufactures the phones with good specifications in this price segment.